Donation Letter

Dear Friend:

Your support impacts every aspect of the Foundation’s goal by meeting its fundamental needs while decreasing the number of possible victims through awareness efforts and prevention activities. With your help and others, we have been able to launch a major offensive against this dreadful disease through health fairs, advocacy, education, collaboration, distribution of cancer materials, and by providing direct financial assistance to underserved cancer patients.

Architectonics, a highly regarded architectural firm, has provided a preliminary design of the Foundation’s headquarters.  We have launched a national fundraising campaign to help with the construction of the Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation’s state-of-the-art headquarters, which will be housed in Ruleville, MS, Mrs. Hamer’s hometown. We welcome any suggestions, referrals of potential donors, and your financial assistance with this worthwhile project.

It is only due to the patronage of people like you that we have managed to work towards achieving our mission. Your support will help us to continue our services despite the economic distress we are currently facing. Please make a donation today. 
We and those we serve, especially our cancer patients, deeply appreciate your generosity.       


Freddie White-Johnson, M.P.P.A.
Founder & President
Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation
Alfio Rausa, M.D., Vice President
Chairman, Ad Hoc Developmental Committee
Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation