Community Health Advisor Program & Training

Community Health Advisor Program and Training

What is the Community Health Advisor Program?
The program is a three-way partnership among a non-governmental agency (Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation), a service-providing agency, and a local community designed to improve and strengthen health care in local communities.

The Community Health Advisor program thrives on the idea of empowering “natural helpers.”  A natural helper is a community-oriented person trusted as someone to turn to in times of need.

Community Health Advisors are the individual natural helpers from the community.After completing 16 hours of cancer education training, each Community Health Advisor (CHA) works in three action arenas – individual, service provider, community – to promote cancer awareness, screening and early detection.

Give $1 and Leave a Legacy!

We need 1,000,000 heroes to donate $1 to help us fight cancer and complete this project- The construction of the FannieLou Hamer Cancer Foundation’s headquarters.